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Ancient Civilizations RL. Almanac - download pdf or read online

By Judson Knight

ISBN-10: 0787638943

ISBN-13: 9780787638948

ISBN-10: 0787639826

ISBN-13: 9780787639822

Offers ancient details and interpretation on old civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, China, Africa, Israel, and somewhere else.

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Dynasty: A group of people, often but not always a family, who continue to hold a position of power over a period of time. Embalming: The process of preparing a dead body so that it will not rapidly decompose. Engineer: A person who oversees the building of large structures. Famine: A period when there is not enough food in a region to feed all its people. Chariot: A small and highly mobile open-air wagon drawn by horses. Hieroglyphics: A system of symbols, called hieroglyphs, which made up the Egyptians’ written language.

Bindusara, ruler of Mauryan dynasty of India, dies; his son Asoka, the greatest Mauryan ruler, later takes throne. : First Punic War between Rome and Carthage begins. : Mauryan king Asoka, disgusted by his killings in battle with the Kalinga people, renounces violence. : Asoka begins placement of rock and pillar edicts throughout India. c. : Kushite civilization reaches its height. It will remain strong for the next four centuries. : Beginning of Parthian dynasty in Iran. : End of Shang Dynasty in China.

Many ancient peoples were concerned with what happened to a person after they died: the Egyptians and Chinese believed that, with proper preparation, a person would live on the earth; the Hindus believed in reincarnation; the Greeks and Romans believed that most people went to Hades, and a very few good or bad ones went either to the Elysian Fields or Tartarus; and the Christians, of course, accepted the idea of Heaven and Hell. Divide into groups, each of which pretends to hold a certain belief.

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Ancient Civilizations RL. Almanac by Judson Knight

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