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Anaerobic infections in humans - download pdf or read online

By Sydney M. Finegold, W. Lance George

ISBN-10: 0122567455

ISBN-13: 9780122567452

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W h e r e one muscle, or one group of m u s c l e s , is involved, that muscle, or muscle-group, must be extirpated from origin to insertion. . In cases of segmental gangrene, w h e r e the whole limb or a segment of a limb is involved, and in patients with fulminating gangrene, amputation holds out the best h o p e of saving life" (Medical R e s e a r c h Council, 1943). T w e n t y years later this traditional therapeutic a p p r o a c h w a s transformed by the introduction of hyperbaric oxygen therapy by B o e r e m a and B r u m m e l k a m p (1960).

It was some days before anything definite was known as to the cause of death. Very soon, however, the facts pointed unmistakably to the cause being botulism, and this, to the popular mind, only made the case the more mysterious as botulism was unknown in Great Britain. Indeed, the Loch Maree tragedy is the very first authenticated instance of botulism which is known to have occurred in the British Isles; and this fact, together with the great detail and accuracy with which the whole occurrence was worked out, makes it of importance to place it on record.

114, 158-159. Behring (1982) Die Blutserumtherapie bei Diphtherie und Tetanus. Ζ. Hyg. Infekt ions kr. 12, 1-9. Behring and Kitasato (1890). Ueber das Zustandekommen der Diphtherie-Immunitaet und der Tetanus-Immunitaet beim Theiren. Dtsch. Med. Wochenschr. 16, 1113-1114. Bengston, I. A. (1922). Preliminary note on a toxin-producing anaerobe isolated from the larvae of Lucilla caesar. Public Health Rep. 37, 164-170. Bensted, H. J. (1941). Modern practice in war-time—immunization of soldiers and civilians; immunization against bacterial toxins.

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Anaerobic infections in humans by Sydney M. Finegold, W. Lance George

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