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Amino Acid Receptor Research - download pdf or read online

By Benjamin F. Paley, Tomas E. Warfield

ISBN-10: 1604562838

ISBN-13: 9781604562835

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Thus, L-Glu seems to affect several neurochemical cell subpopulations. Here we are going to focus on the interactions of L-Glu with GABA, acetylcholine, dopamine, purines and ascorbate containing retinal cells. 2. , 1990; Barnstable, 1993; Kallomiatis & Fletcher, 1993; Andrade da Costa, 1997). , 2001, 2003). , 1995). , 2006). , 2003). , 1998a), suggesting the involvement of NMDA receptors. , 1998a) and it is also activated by their agonists, NMDA and kainate, respectively. In all cases, the L-Glu effect is calcium-independent and notably sodium-dependent, features that lead to the idea that [3H]-GABA release might be through a sodium-dependent, carrier-mediated mechanism and not by the classical exocytotic mechanism.

1992). Based on all these facts, some authors studied the effect of glutamate on acetylcholine release as in the case of GABA. , 1998a, b). , 1996). , 1988). , 1985). [3H]-Ach exhibits kainate-evoked release greater than that elicited by KCl and it is inhibited by 83% in absence of calcium. , 1985). , 1985). , 1999). , 1999). , 2004). , 2002, 2003). Thus, it seems that the L-Glu effect on Ach release, increasing or decreasing it, must depend on the L-Glu receptor subtype expressed by the neuronal type.

Marchetti, C. & Gavazzo, P. (2003). Subunit-dependent effects of nickel on NMDA receptor channels. Brain Res Mol Brain Res, 117, 139-44. Marchetti, C. & Gavazzo, P. (2005). NMDA receptors as targets of heavy metal interaction and toxicity. Neurotoxicity Research, 8, 1-14. Paoletti, P. & Neyton, J. (2007). NMDA receptor subunits: function and pharmacology. Curr Opin Pharmacol, 7, 39-47. , Hua, Y. , Chen, Y. Z. & Luo, J. H. (2005). Subunit assembly of Nmethyl-d-aspartate receptors analyzed by fluorescence resonance energy transfer.

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