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Carolly Erickson's Alexandra: The Last Tsarina PDF

By Carolly Erickson

ISBN-10: 1841197823

ISBN-13: 9781841197821

Making the most of fabric unavailable until eventually the autumn of the Soviet Union, this biography of Alexandra, the final tsarina, explores: her adolescence bereavement; her lengthy fight to achieve her romantic objective of marriage to Nicholas; the suffering of her pathological shyness; the struggles along with her in-laws; a fake being pregnant; her expanding eccentricities as she turned extra preoccupied with concerns of religion; and her turning out to be dependence on a chain of occult mentors, the main infamous of whom was once Rasputin.

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In April 1922 Stalin was appointed General Secretary, or Gensek in the Party jargon. At this time he was also Commissar for the Nationalities and also, for a time, Commissar for the Workers' and Peasants' Inspection, an impressive accumulation of powers and responsibilities that only the wise Preobrazhensky denounced with any vigor. At this stage we are not very far away from the situation that Trotsky, criticizing Lenin's point of view on the organization of the Party, had foreseen in 1903-1904: "The organization of the Party takes the place of the Party itself; the Central Committee takes the place of the organization; and finally the dictator takes the place of the Central Committee....

The central place accorded to the Party in the Leninist strategy and the somewhat voluntarist interpretation that Leninism gave Marxism should not, however, lead us to impute to it, as sometimes has been done, all the responsibility for phenomena such as the gradual shrinking of political power that eventually culminated in an autocracy. Leninist doctrine did not originally envisage a monolithic state, nor even a strictly monolithic party; the dictatorship of the Party over the proletariat was never part of Lenin's plans, it was the completely unforeseen culmination of a series of unforeseen circumstances.

Would soon spread to other countries and would hand over the direction of the movement to fraternal parties that were more worthy of it. But although the second proposition proved to be false, the first appeared as a result in a new light. The workers undoubtedly played a major role in the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks. Throughout the civil war they continued to provide the Soviet army and administration with their most dedicated cadres. But this war caused an incalculable loss of lives and installations.

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