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Read e-book online Agrarian Reform in Russia: The Road from Serfdom PDF

By Carol S. Leonard

ISBN-10: 0521858496

ISBN-13: 9780521858496

This ebook examines the heritage of reforms and significant nation interventions affecting Russian agriculture: the abolition of serfdom in 1861, the Stolypin reforms, the NEP, the Collectivization, Khrushchev reforms, and at last farm company privatization within the early Nineteen Nineties. It indicates a trend rising from a political important in imperial, Soviet, and post-Soviet regimes, and it describes how those reforms have been justified within the identify of the nationwide curiosity in the course of critical crises - speedy inflation, army defeat, mass moves, rural unrest, and/or political turmoil. It appears on the results of adversity within the financial setting for rural habit after reform and at long-run developments. It has chapters on estate rights, rural association, and technological swap. It presents a brand new database for measuring agricultural productiveness from 1861 to 1913 and updates those estimates to the current. This publication is a examine of the guidelines aimed toward reorganizing rural creation and their effectiveness in reworking associations.

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The government’s agenda included both the abolition of serfdom and the introduction of universal military conscription, complementary reforms that transferred the expenses of recruitment to the state, since the nobles could no longer be responsible for this service. The advantage for the state lay in the supply of men and the ease of recruiting them. Another example is from the Stolypin era. The simultaneous guarantee of private property in land and universal citizenship reduced costs for the state in tax administration.

100 There was no support for household autonomy. Then, finally, after the end of Communism in Russia, in reforms of the Russian Federation government we revisit key priorities from the early twentieth century. One was to promote rural markets. Another was to preserving social stability amidst the disorganizing effects of change. Critically, the way in which these reforms showed integration with each other was in the persistence of a single motive force. The impetus to reform in each case showed a similar perception of the unreliability of rural producers and the disappointing performance of the sector.

In this sense, it furnishes the conceptual understanding of the political economy of reform with some empirical evidence. 102 The book is organized as follows. It begins in Part I with narratives detailing the deliberations prior to reforms and the crises that moved the government to act on the advice of commissions. It describes the intentions of reformers, the shape of their enactments, and the reforms’ implementation and impact. Important to the assessment of their impact is their public reception and its weight in later histories of Russia.

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Agrarian Reform in Russia: The Road from Serfdom by Carol S. Leonard

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