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Raul C. Schiavi's Aging and Male Sexuality PDF

By Raul C. Schiavi

ISBN-10: 0511006586

ISBN-13: 9780511006586

ISBN-10: 0521653916

ISBN-13: 9780521653916

Understanding of the significance of sexuality and its problems within the getting older inhabitants is expanding because the share of older humans raises. dependent partially at the author's scientific adventure and examine at Mount Sinai scientific middle in ny, this booklet provides an updated evaluate of the sexuality of getting older males in healthiness and disease, inside a multidimensional conceptual framework. It takes under consideration physiological, mental, interpersonal, and social impacts. The ebook additionally discusses the influence of clinical disorder, psychopathology, and medicine, with a assessment of coping options in shaping person sexual responses to getting older and affliction. the writer accommodates many case experiences and vignettes, and devotes a bankruptcy to the sexuality of older homosexual males. A balanced account of clinical and psychosocial overview and remedy concludes the publication, that allows you to be of vast curiosity to clinicians and scholars drawn to sexuality and getting older.

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Page v Contents Preface ix 1 Aging and Sexuality: Concepts, Issues, and Research Methods 1 Demographic Trends 2 Who Are the Aged? 3 General Perspectives On Aging 4 Individual Heterogeneity and Aging 5 The Concept of Successful Aging 5 Aging, Health, and Behavior 7 The Biomedicalization of Aging 8 Methodological Considerations On Sexual Research and Aging 9 References 10 2 Sexuality in the Aged Male; Research Evidence 13 Aging and Sexual Behavior 13 Age and Sexual Responsiveness 23 Conclusions 26 References 27 3 The Neurobiology of Aging Males' Sexuality 29 The Biology of Sexual Function 29 Physiological Aspects of Nonpathological Aging 36 A Psychobiological Study of the Sexuality of Aging Males 41 References 53 4 Psychological Aspects of Aging Males' Sexuality 59 Sexual Interest and Motivation 59 Sexual Attitudes and Knowledge 60 Page vi Affective Responses and Self-Esteem 61 Coping and Adaptation 63 Well-Being and Sexual Satisfaction 63 Summary 68 Case Studies 69 References 72 5 Aging and Marital Sexuality 74 Marital Aspects of the Sexuality of Aging Males 75 Aging and Marital Satisfaction 77 Marriage and Sexuality 79 Male Aging and Sexuality; a Phenomenological View 81 Conclusion 83 Case Studies 84 References 87 6 Aging and Homosexual Relationships 90 Aging, Adaption of Homosexuals and Life-Styles 92 Sexual Problems and Concerns 93 Sexual and Intimacy Problems 94 Case Study 95 References 96 7 The Social Context 99 Social Attitudes toward Aging and Sexuality 99 The Midlife Crisis 100 Late Adulthood 101 A Broader Sociopsychological Perspective of Aging 102 The Institutionalized Aged 104 Conclusion 104 References 105 8 The Nature and Prevalence of Sexual Disorders in the Aged 108 Sexual Concerns and Sexual Difficulties 108 Sexual Dysfunctions 110 Page vii Representative Studies from the Community 111 Sexual Problems in Medical Clinics 112 Sexual Dysfunction Clinics 114 Case Studies 118 Conclusion 121 References 122 9 Impact of Medical Illnesses On Sexuality 124 Cardiovascular Disease 124 Hypertension 128 Diabetes Mellitus 129 Parkinson's Disease 131 Sleep Disorders 132 Endocrine Disorders 133 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 135 Arthritis 136 Surgical Comorbidity 136 Conclusion 139 Case Studies 139 References 141 10 Psychopathology and Sexuality in Aging 147 Depression 148 Dementia 150 Alcohol-Related Disorders 152 Schizophrenia 155 Conclusion 155 Case Studies 155 References 158 11 Effects of Drugs and Medications 162 Adverse Drug-Induced Sexual Effects 163 Conclusion 174 Case Studies 175 References 176 Page viii 12 Role of Psychosocial Factors; Coping and Adaptation 182 Aging and Chronic Illness 182 Appraisal and Coping 184 Adaptational Outcomes 189 Health-Care Behaviors 191 Conclusion 192 References 193 13 Assessment of Sexual Problems 195 The Assessment Interview 197 Physical Examination 199 Specialized Diagnostic Approaches 200 Conclusion 208 Case Studies 209 References 211 14 Management and Treatment of Sexual Problems 216 Psychological and Behavioral Interventions 217 Medical and Surgical Interventions 222 Treatment Guidelines 227 Case Studies 228 References 232 15 Summary and Conclusions 236 Index 247 Page ix Preface Sexual anatomy and function have become frequent subjects of discussion in the media following the recent approval and commercial availability of a new oral agent for the treatment of male erectile difficulties.

Most recent studies of aging and sexual behavior gather health status data but many fail to take full account of this information in the analysis and interpretation of results. Page 10 Studies of aging and sexual behavior are largely cross-sectional in design, sampling different age cohorts and interpreting changes as a longitudinal trend. This approach confounds the effects of the widely divergent cultural and developmental experiences of younger and older cohorts with the effects of aging. Similarly, individuals older than 65 are frequently considered as a single older cohort, ignoring the cultural heterogeneity within this group.

As the above review indicates, biological changes do not occur in isolation but take place in a social context that gives meaning and significance to aging. The unidimensional focus on biological processes, which characterizes much ongoing sexual research summarized in this book, carries the risk of distorting our perception of aging sexuality as being a medical problem (Kart, Metress and Metress, 1992b). The medical model orientation towards the assessment of signs and symptoms for diagnosis and treatment frequently overlooks the emotional aspects of health and well-being.

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