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Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 7 - download pdf or read online

By David Ganderton (ed.), Trevor Jones (ed.), James McGinity (ed.)

ISBN-10: 0120323079

ISBN-13: 9780120323074

The 7th quantity of Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences heralds a welcome continuation of this well-respected sequence. said specialists offer complete statements of present study and improvement in chosen fields of pharmaceutical expertise. This e-book may be of significant worth to these operating in academia and the pharmaceutical undefined.

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0143 and 1 = Co - a. The authors found that the values of K~ using the two equations were similar (the mean for the various faces are given in Table 13). Furthermore, they reported that equation 47 (Laugier, 1987) appeared to emphasize the apparent fracture anisotropy. The fracture plane with the lowest value was the (100) in agreement with the easiest to cleave plane (although the (101) had the lowest Kc value) and the plane with greatest K~ was the (001) plane. It is interesting to note that the (100) plane had the hardest surface whereas the (001) plane had the softest (Table6).

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Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 7 by David Ganderton (ed.), Trevor Jones (ed.), James McGinity (ed.)

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