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Download e-book for iPad: Activity-based protein profiling by Matthew B. Nodwell, Stephan A. Sieber (auth.), Stephan A.

By Matthew B. Nodwell, Stephan A. Sieber (auth.), Stephan A. Sieber (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642283772

ISBN-13: 9783642283772

ISBN-10: 3642283780

ISBN-13: 9783642283789

ABPP technique: advent and review, by means of Matthew B. Nodwell und Stephan A. Sieber Activity-Based Protein Profiling for ordinary Product aim Discovery, via Joanna Krysiak und Rolf Breinbauer Photoaffinity Labeling in Activity-Based Protein Profiling, through Paul P. Geurink, Laurette M. Prely, Gijs A. van der Marel, Rainer Bischoff und Herman S. Overkleeft software of Activity-Based Protein Profiling to the learn of Microbial Pathogenesis, by means of William P. Heal und Edward W. Tate sensible research of Protein objectives by means of Metabolomic methods, by way of Yun-Gon Kim und Alan Saghatelian

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One of the first glycosidase ABPP probe designs was adapted from a previously introduced latent quinone methide reactive group used for tyrosine phosphatases (Sect. 5). B. A. Sieber HO OH OH CO2Na O AcHN H CHF2 Sialidase O F H F F O – O HO N Tag H N Tag H N Tag H o-quinone methide HO OH OH CO2Na O AcHN OH HO Scheme 9 Activation of glycosidase ABPP probe by cleavage of sialic acid cleavage HO O H N3 O HO O LG HO O HO O O O HO F O O HO F O HO N3 OH H F – H O LG O– O N3 – O O Scheme 10 Trapping of fluoroglycosyl-enzyme intermediate for ABPP cleavage, the probe undergoes 1,6-elimination to form an electrophilic o-quinone methide (Scheme 9).

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Activity-based protein profiling by Matthew B. Nodwell, Stephan A. Sieber (auth.), Stephan A. Sieber (eds.)

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