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Gosplan, the government body responsible for economic planning, was required by Stalin to draw up a list of quotas of production ranging across the whole of Soviet industry. The process began in 1928 and, except for the war years 1941–45, lasted until Stalin’s death in 1953. In all, there were five separate Plans: • • • • • 1st FYP 2nd FYP 3rd FYP 4th FYP 5th FYP October 1928 to December 1932 January 1933 to December 1937 January 1938 to June 1941 January 1946 to December 1950 January 1951 to December 1955 The First Five-Year Plan Key question Key date What was the purpose of the First FYP?

They argued that it would be less disruptive to let industry develop its own momentum. The state should assist, but it should not direct. Similarly, the peasants should not be controlled and oppressed; this would make them resentful and less productive. The Right agreed that it was from the land that the means of financing industrialisation would have to come, but they stressed that, by offering the peasants the chance to become prosperous, far more grain would be produced for sale abroad. Bukharin argued in the Politburo and at the Party Congress in 1928 that Stalin’s aggressive policy of state grain procurements was counter-productive.

They used their influence over the local Party organisations to ensure that it was a pro-Stalin, antiTrotsky Congress that gathered. Kamenev and Zinoviev With Trotsky weakened, Stalin turned to the problem of how to deal with these two key figures, whom he now saw as potential rivals. Kamenev and Zinoviev had been motivated by a personal dislike of Trotsky, who at various times had tried to embarrass them by reminding the Party of their failure to support Lenin in October 1917. Now it was their turn to be ousted.

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