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Download e-book for kindle: A Short Course in Canon EOS 40D Photography book/ebook by Dennis Curtin

By Dennis Curtin

ISBN-10: 1928873804

ISBN-13: 9781928873808

Very informative, effortless to appreciate with loads of information regarding my digital camera. more than enough that I ordered one other brief path booklet approximately my Canon G 10 digicam. it might be great if the booklet was once in colour yet this can be handled with the DVD that includes the e-book.

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Partial metering meters the part of the scene falling within the circle of AF points in the center of the viewfinder. This zone covers only 9% of viewfinder area so it’s almost a spot meter. This allows you to meter just a specific part of the scene instead of relying on an overall reading. This mode is ideal when photographing a subject against a very dark or very light background. You can also meter any part of the scene and use AE Lock (page 53) to use that reading for the overall photo. 8% of the viewfinder area—the area within the viewfinder’s spot metering circle.

It lets you set your shutter speed fast enough to freeze the action or slow enough to blur it (page 40). • Av (aperture-priority AE, called aperture value by Canon, lets you select the aperture (lens opening) while the camera automatically sets the shutter speed to give you a good exposure. You select this mode whenever depth of field is most important. To be sure everything is sharp, as in a landscape, select a small aperture. To throw the background out of focus so a main subject such as a portrait stands out, select a large aperture (page 41).

A one-stop change like this has only a small effect, but a 3 or 4 stop change can be dramatic. 8 to f/11. The effects of those changes on motion blur and depth of field would be very noticeable. • For fast-moving subjects you need a fast shutter speed to freeze it, or a slow one to blur it (although the focal length of the lens you are using, the closeness of the subject, and the direction in which it’s moving also affect how motion is portrayed). When photographing moving subjects shutter-priority (Tv) mode (page 40) is favored because it gives you direct control over the shutter speed.

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A Short Course in Canon EOS 40D Photography book/ebook by Dennis Curtin

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