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's 2004 Russian Superfinal Chess Championship Report PDF

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Black has problems known only to literate people? DJ: No-no, it is a draw by force. AK: OK, I think I would have found it at the board. f3 Motylev began his career as sharp attacking player, but his style has mutated and he enjoys dry positional play, therefore he does not hesitate to trade queens. Qxd4 I was really reluctant to play this, but there was no choice. Rxd4 I did not prepare this position at home. The only game I could remember was Kramnik – Svidler, in which Black resigned in a drawn endgame with bishops of opposite color.

A fine problem-like game would ensue leading to a queen endgame with an extra pawn for White, which would offer certain practical chances. Now it’s pure technique. a7 Black resigns. Epishin produced a creative idea against Morozevich’s Slav defense, but perhaps it was too original as Morozevich obtained the better play. Morozevich piled on the pressure, but Epishin stubbornly defended and the game concluded peacefully on the 71st move. Kc3 Ne5 ½-½ Peter Svidler’s early advance of his a-pawn gave him an easy game as Black against Tseshkovsky, who was unaware of this modern plan in the Najdorf.

Ng5!? Nc5 Qc8 followed by …Nd6. Maybe it is not all that tragic for Black. Qf4 a4 This was probably the only move in the game that contained a specific idea. Bxf3 Bxh6, etc similar to what happened in the game, but the resulting endgame was extremely unpleasant for Black. So I reasoned it makes sense to remove the a-pawns from the board. Their absence is useful to me in any endgame. bxa4, but it is likely that Black holds. h3 my position significantly improved and I got the chance to exchange most of the pieces.

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2004 Russian Superfinal Chess Championship Report

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